Irma Castillo, Calama Valley, Antofagasta Region, Chile

       Mrs. Irma Castillo, a small farmer from the Calama Valley, Antofagasta Region, Chile, has been involved in organic farming programs since 2013. One year ago, she came to know about the Homa Farming Super-technology. And from that moment she started with the discipline of the Agnihotra Fire on her farm. Here she has an exclusive place to practice the fire, which is located next to the greenhouse. Everything produced in this place is for family consumption. She applies concepts of functional diversity, practices daily at sunrise and sunset the Agnihotra Fire and applies Homa bio-fertilizers, such as Agnihotra Ash solution, Agnihotra ash directly on the soil and sprays the Homa bio-fertilizer Gloria Biosol. With this, Mrs. Irma produces the necessary vegetables, herbs, etc. for her family and friends to whom she gives freely from her production.

   Some examples of the variety of her crops: beetroot, lettuce, chives, tomato, cauliflower, parsley, carrots, etc.
  In addition, her farm has been used for workshops and talks where she is the protagonist, reporting about her achievements, sharing her experience and suggestions for organic farming with Homa Technology.
Her farm is as well a place where she shares the Agnihotra Fire, whenever she receives visitors, farmers and relatives.
                                          Photos: Mrs. Irma in her Homa garden.

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