Organic Certification for ‘Satsang’ Homa Farm, Curacaví, Chile

Satsang is part of the Organization of Organic Producers of Curacaví
        On Friday, May 5th, Curacaví, OPOC’s Internal Control Officer, Sebastián Morales, visited the Satsang farm to verify on the ground that it meets the requirements of the Chilean regulations to be declared an organic farm. During the inspection, Sebastián Morales approved of the organic Homa cultivation techniques that are used in Satsang, a farm that last year was registered with OPOC in Chile.

       The following weekend, on Sunday, May 14th, members of the Forest Guard Network, led by Isidora Huici and Fabián Guerrero, visited the Satsang farm to harvest seeds of native Chilean trees, such as Boldo, Quillay and Peumo, to help reforesting the hills affected by forest fires in Chile last summer.
      At the time, the volunteers of the Network also took Agnihotra ash to mix with the seeds, helping their healthy and vigorous germination and growth.

(Photographs: courtesy of Fabián Guerrero)

        From May 22nd onwards, Juan José Rodrigues actively participates in the development of Satsang.
    He helps to prepare and cultivate its organic orchards, to transform the premise into a Homa Farm with the practice of all disciplines and to promote research in organic Homa agriculture. He also maintains the facilities for drying cow dung for the practice of the Yagnias.
    Juan José Rodrigues collaborates with the teaching of Homa Organic Agriculture to volunteers and visitors of Satsang and in Agnihotra workshops of the Fivefold Path Foundation in Chile.
    Agronomist Carolina Morales, specialist in Homa organic farming, constantly advises and supervises the agricultural work carried out at Satsang.

(Photo: Carolina Morales junto a Juan José Rodrigues trabajando en las huertas de Satsang)

    Satsang has a beautiful independent house, specially arranged to welcome volunteers wishing to stay for a minimum of one week.
It has two rooms, kitchen, bathroom, dining room and warm wood heating.
Volunteering is welcome and includes food (vegetarian), accommodations and teaching of Homa organic farming.

Minimum stay is one week.
Applications can be sent

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