Irma Castillo, Region of Antofagasta, Chile, Receives Recognition from Agro-Ecological Symposium

Award for Development of Homa Ecological Agriculture in First Symposium for Family Agriculture

The Agricultural Development Institute (INDAP), of the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture
, organized on 6 and 7 September 2017, the 1st Symposium on Agro-ecology for Family Agriculture. Recognition was given for the creativity and effort to those small farmers and/or their organizations, which develop agro-ecological production systems in the country’s agricultural food sector.

  Mrs. Irma Castillo, who practices Homa Therapy, received an agro-ecological award. (Photo below)

   Mrs. Irma Castillo, is a farmer belonging to the Valley of Calama, Region of Antofagasta, Chile. She has participated in organic farming programs since 2013.

   A year ago, she learned about Homa agricultural technology and she started with the discipline of Agnihotra on her farm. She has an exclusive place to carry out the Homa fires, which is located next to her vegetable garden and greenhouse. Everything she produces is for family consumption.
     For INDAP, in the Region of Antofagasta it is crucial to support these initiatives since they fulfill the objective of supporting peasant family farming and sustainable food production, as well as boosting and strengthening rural talents that can be models for others to imitate and follow. As a result, another agricultural technical assistance unit in the region asked for advice on Homa Ecological Farming.
      (Photos, below: the Homa garden; Mrs. Irma Castillo practicing Agnihotra.)

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