Homa Farm Tenjo, Colombia – A Paradise On Earth

Maria Teresa Nuñez
Tenjo, Cundinamarca, Colombia,
South America

  It is very easy to imagine what this farm was like 40 years ago, if you look at the photo of the land next to it. (photo right)    This farm was the same; arid, dry soil without a single flower, without a single tree. There was absolutely nothing growing.

The soil here is very clayey and this place was full of brickworks. That’s what this clay is good for, to make bricks.
So first of all, to have what we have and to enjoy this paradise, we have to keep in mind that here are tons of black earth that we have been mixing with this clayey soil for many years.

    But the great change, after 40 years, occurred when Homa Therapy was implemented on this farm. We always had struggled a lot to have any tiny plant, and it was very little what we got and we got it very slowly. It was quite complicated. To tell you an anecdote: I dreamed for 20 years or more to have a ‘papayuelo’.
 (Photo left – This is a fruit from the papaya family, but it is eaten cooked, not raw and it grows in cold climate only.)

I would call the neighboring farmers and friends and they would give me papayuelito seedling and their advice on how to grow the little tree: "You do not look at it" and I did not look at it. Another said, "You have to look at them" and I would look at them and talk to them. The other would say, "Take care of it a lot" and I took good care of it. Another one said "Do not pay any attention to the plant". I followed those wise women’s advice for years, but nothing worked. Papayuelos did not grow on this soil. Neither did pears. These were two fruits, which I dreamed of having on my land. They also reminded me of the farm of my grandparents in Ubate. In spite of all the effort, they never grew.

  When Homa Therapy arrived, I moved from Bogota to the farm to support the daily practice of the Homa Fires.
   It took approximately three years to see all the splendid results of Homa Therapy in its wide range, because first of all, the Fires had to cleanse a lot of negative energies from this place, on a subtle level.

However, I did the Homa Fires without expecting anything in return. Suddenly, papayuelos began to appear everywhere. Now, they grow almost like weed, everywhere. They are laden with fruits all year round! And most amazing is that since they are small, not even six inches high, they are already blooming. It is an extremely rare thing! And then the first pears also grew!
 (Photos: Mrs. María Teresa and her Homa Farm.)

     Now, this place is a paradise. With the following story you can see how surprising this place is: My dad gave me a banana bonsai. But since I do not like bonsai, they seem to me like a caged animal, I told my gardener to plant it in the open land. Listen well – that bonsai gave me a banana bunch! And here in this climate! And so I can tell you many stories of every plant that lives here. They are so happy!

What once was pure clay, now is fertile soil, which one can check by reading the soil analysis I made about two years ago.
Everything flowers, everything! It is almost like you throw a stone anywhere and it flowers! For example the Balu, which is not from here; it belongs to a tropical humid climate of around 1,800 meters height. Here, we are at 2,600 meters above sea level and the balu has already bloomed. I plant everything, because my faith, based on experiences with Homa Therapy, is enormous.
(Photos of the Homa Farm and the interior of the Agnihotra hut.)

Most impressive is what happens with some of the fruit trees. For example, the feijoa gives one crop per year, and then it rests. Now, the feijoas give one crop after another. We cannot keep up making candy, jams, marmalades, etc. Another example is the chili, which are now loaded all the time. Or the tomato tree. I have to place wooden forks underneath the branches to help support the weight of the fruits. They are so loaded that not one other tomato would fit.

With Homa Therapy one sees some amazing things.
My experiences have been absolutely wonderful.
(Photos: Tenjo Homa Farm; photo below right: tomato fruit tree.)
I have 25 different kinds of aromatic herbs, 25 kinds of fruit trees, I plant all the vegetables possible and that is my food. I have not been to a supermarket for years. I eat whatever is in the garden!
Here we collect the rain water and everything is perfect. Also many birds come here and in the morning it is always a concert. Everything is beautiful. All the residents practice Homa Therapy. On full moon and new moon, we do 12 hours of Tryambakam Homa and sometimes 24 hours with people from outside, who also appreciate this wonderful Homa atmosphere.

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