Lucas Maya’s Story

Armenia, Colombia
South America

dead tree revived

I am a farmer and practice HOMA Therapy since 1998 when I met Prof. Abel Hernandez. We had a wonderful experience on my farm where a Homa Resonance Point was installed. There was a completely dry tangerine tree that I used to shake in order to collect dry branches for firewood. But Prof. Abel said ‘Lucas, do Agnihotra under the tree, because it might revive.’

I simply smiled, but I did Agnihotra under the tree. I did not think that this tree, which only served for fuel, could have a reaction. But the big surprise came after 15 days – the tree began to show signs that something was happening.

The branches began to flourish without carrying any leaves. Afterwards, the leaves appeared, then the flowers opened and fruits started forming and the tree came back to live. With Homa Therapy, the tree reversed that process of dying and continued giving perfect mandarins. They were not sour, nor bitter. They were excellent.

That is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had with Homa Therapy in agriculture. If the Homa fires can do that, what else could be done? That is really incredible and amazing, but it is true.

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