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  Anthony, (a Woofer from France working on our veggie gardens – 1st photo below), from the first day here, could feel the extraordinary peace and understood it was created by Homa Therapy. Sitting for Agnihotra with us every day and other Homas, he asked if he could perform his own Agnihotra. He read the Information package that we supply with an Agnihotra kit, learned the sunrise, sunset mantras from the mantra CD and 5 days after arrival here, he performed his first Agnihotra. He loved the energy he could feel. We were all beaming from ear to ear. Somehow when a new person takes up Agnihotra there is celebration in the heavens and on the earth!
     2nd photo below: So much delicious fat hen, a nutritious weed growing everywhere in our veggie garden.
Apparently Fat Hen requires soil high in nutrients thus often found around manure heaps! I was very surprised to hear this, as we do much less than we would like to get compost into the soil, due to so many commitments. It demonstrates to me that just by performing Agnihotra the soil is improved.
Quote Master Shree Vasant:In Homa Therapy Farming, the result of the Homa process is that something physical interacts with the soil making the nutrients already there more potent. When nutrients are absent, cultivating the growth of nutrients necessary for healthy plant life is achieved by the Homa process.
In Agnihotra atmosphere the metabolic process of plants is sped up. It is the ghee used in Agnihotra process that is the catalytic factor and on a more subtle level the Mantras interacting with the combined effect of the burnt ghee and rice. This combination enters the soil after returning from the solar range …"

(From the book Homa Therapy – Our Last Chance by Shree Vasant Paranjpe.)

    All our veggies this year are from Homa organic seeds that we collect and store with Agnihotra ash in a cool dark place. The snake beans this year are from organic snake bean plants (3rd photo) grown in Homa atmosphere last year. The quality of the plant is much more vibrant than what I witnessed last year.

(4th photo: corn; photo left: delicious sweet round Zucchinis growing in abundance this year.)

Skilled gardeners and builders welcome to our Homa farm in Australia!
If you would like to stay in a transformational energy field and at the same time help to develop Om Shree Dham’s food gardens and retreat Centre so that we can benefit more people, please contact us. Conditions apply.


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