Homa Biogarden in the Farm of Eng. Mati Uranga, Lima, Peru

According to Homa agriculture, which comes from the Science of VRUKSHA AYURVEDA, more than 75% of the nutrition for the plant comes from the atmosphere.

Through the practice of the Homa fires, the atmosphere receives nutrition. Homa agriculture ensures the following:
– More production in quantity per hectare than with any method known by modern science.
– Taste, texture, color, resistance to diseases, harvest loss – Homa products will be much better in all these points.
– The harvest will come in less time. (Reduction of the vegetative cycle.)
– The useful shelf life will be longer than with any known modern method. This is important from the marketing point of view.
– The pure Homa seeds will be healthy and strong.

(Photos of the Homa Biogarden in the Farm of Agro Eng. Mati Uranga, Lima, Peru)










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  1. Dear All Divines,

    I am alternative medicine practitioner in Bangalore (India). I appreciate all your efforts w.r.t. ancient Indian Home Therapies. God blesses you always.

    I have taken initiative to expand alternative medicine system to the villagers between Bangalore-Mysore Road(Karnataka state, India). by treating them free of cost in the week ends. I do practice Naturopath, Acupuncture, Dorn Therapy, Meditation, Reikhi, Energy Healing, etc. Definitely Homa therapy will be added to the existing system of therapies.

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