Sanjay Patil’s Story

Homa Farm: Tapovan
Parola, District: Jalgaon
Maharashtra, India

sodic soil

  • In Tapovan when we first started Homa Farming the soil was seriously deficient in all the major and minor nutrients.
  • There was high salinity.
  • Topsoil layer reduced to less than 5 cm (2 inches) in parts.
  • The fine clay soil developed huge cracks in summer.
  • In the wet season the surface was sealed like cement allowing minimal water absorption, which led to a situation of major water-logging and flooding when the rains came.
  • We have seen a miraculous recovery of the soil here in Tapovan from its previously severely damaged state.
  • It is now producing crops of superior yield and taste which are not troubled by insect attack.
  • All these excellent results are due to the practice of Agnihotra and other Homas and the use of the Homa organic farming techniques.

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