Parvati & Jarek Bizberg’s Story

Homa Farm: Bhrugu Aranya
Wysoka, Poland

acidic soil

“In our concentric circle garden we grow vegetables and herbs. When we came here, of course it was just a field which had not been gardened. This is not a farming area. The soil is very bad, acidic. We kept working the soil and things were growing beautifully. And then we felt we should have the soil tested. So we tested it and it was tested very acidic (pH = 4.4) and the people in the department where we had it tested said to us, ‘We are sorry to let you know that nothing will grow here.’ But as you can see from the pictures, everything is growing here.”

“We have every year a really good harvest with healthy, beautiful Homa vegetables and this is a miracle of Homa Gardening.”

“What we do here is also get in touch with the Devas. We have group circles here and we sit and we ask for the Devas to be present and ask for guidance and what to plant, where to plant, which companion plant and it is incredible the information that comes through. It is like, once you are willing to work with them, they are so willing to work with you.”

“From the very beginning they have guided us to have a concentric circle garden, everything is in circles. This pond in the middle was created as an energetic center and one day we were sitting doing an attunement. (before starting with the gardening work we sit in a circle and chant or sing and call on the Devas to work with us) and afterwards we all looked at each other and said ´we need frogs´ and at that time there were absolutely no frogs. And just as soon as we finished talking we went over to the pond and there were frogs. Now it is a frog pond. A biologist was here a few months ago, who was amazed at the variety of frogs that we have here. He said that a lot of the frogs are becoming extinct.”

“Around the center we have mostly herbs growing like parsley, thyme, oregano, comfrey, coriander, cilantro, chamomile and more. And the beautiful thing when you have Homa herbs is that not only the taste is amazing but the potency is amazing. Usually chamomile tee in the package or even lose does not have such a calming effect when you want to sleep for example, but if you take some of our Homa chamomile – you are out! Very powerful.”

“On vegetables we grow cabbage, which is difficult to grow, nobody around here grows it. The neighbors who have been here forever, they only grow beans, potatoes and rye, because that is basically what can grow in this type of soil and they have to use some kind of chemical fertilizer as well as the tradional method of cow dung. Just cow dung alone is not enough for this kind of soil. But we are fortunate thanks to Homa Therapy (definitely not thanks to us, because none of us is professional gardener), to grow all of the cabbage family, that means also broccoli for example. Then lettuce grows very easy, also celery, leeks, beets, carrots and even corn grows here. And none of these things any neighbor can grow. You need to understand that we are in a mountain area and not at all in a farming area. This is basically an area for wood, since there are many trees and forests.”

“We have tomatoes in the green house. They are fantastic tomatoes of different varieties and you can’t get taste and texture like that if you go to a shop. One year we were in town and we overheard these women say ´Nobody has tomatoes this year; absolutely nobody could grow them, not even in their green houses´. So we stopped and told them, that we have tons of tomatoes, and asked what their problem was? So they talked about all different problems with diseases. Our little green house was totally filled with the most succulent, incredible delicious tomatoes at a time when absolutely nobody else in the area could grow them. That is the Power of Homa Therapy.
Our cows move freely in the fields and during winter they are fed with hay, that we cut on our farmland.”

“Our community is growing. We have a lot of visitor from different countries and we welcome people to come. Hopefully they can buy some land nearby and also build, so this community can evolve for example with a herb nursery with healing herbs and culinary herbs.”

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