Volunteering at the Satsang Homa Farm, Curacavi, Chile

Juan Rodríguez and Karina Ohme, the Guardians of Satsang, a farm where Homa Therapy is practiced, wrote:

Building together an Ark of Love and Service
With each new volunteer who participates in Satsang, we feel that we are being revealed more and more our deepest purpose, as well as the relevance of creating these "Arks" through the world, spaces of re-encounter with Nature, with ourselves and with the sacred legacy of the Vedas, the Agnihotra. We are deeply grateful of the beautiful experiences we live with each volunteer, their teachings, learning, joys and friendship … Thank you!

Sharon, Belgium:
    “Before coming, I knew nothing about Agnihotra. It was my first experience and I like it a lot. I really think this is something for me, I would like to continue on that. Thanks for learning it. But also, thanks for all the things that I’ve learned here, like making cow dung cookies, making a compost, the biosol, to live with less Wi-Fi and more talks to people. I think that in my future, I would like to be like you, I like this life so much. Eat organic and vegan / vegetarian, so much respect for the Nature, the Agnihotra, everything!

These were my last 2 weeks in Chile, and they were also some of the best. I’m so happy that I could come here!"
(Sharon is the first left in the photo, along with Juan Rodriguez and Antonie of France)

Antonie, France:
       “When I arrived, I was surprised by the place for being like a hidden place, the greatness of the plot and the simplicity with which you live. That in a good way. To be honest, I was a little scared with the 15 minutes of internet per day, but I learned to fill my days with observation and listening. I’ve learned super things, about the vegetable garden, the forest and especially about Agnihotra”.

Baptiste, France (photo left)
  “This is my first experience in meditation and vegetarian and organic food and I love it.” 

Iratxe and Jacob, Spain:
     “Finding you has enlivened our faith in humanity. We run away searching for conscience, we travel looking for it and 6 days before returning to our lives we found and understood its true meaning: HERE. Thanks for share EVERYTHING you are. These days have been for us a gift from the Universe, to reconnect, to find new connections, to discover, to experience, to eat. Another alternative way of life, different from the one we are forced to live, is possible. Thank you for contribute to the path of search of this form of life, with which we feel us identified and to which, experience after experience, transformation after transformation, unlearning after unlearning … we will arrive. You are already part of our trip.”

Photos above and to the right:
The volunteers, together with Juan and Karina, are working, learning, sharing and enjoying their stay in Satsang, a healthy, loving and saturated environment with the transformative energies of the healing HOMA fires.

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