Experimenting with Homa Fires in Córdoba, Argentina

Maria Bima,
Calamuchita, Córdoba,
Argentina, South America

I have been practicing the Homa fires for several years. I started when the Fukushima disaster happened. I wanted to do something for the planet and for humanity and Homa Therapy can do this in addition to giving me a lot of personal benefits. I really like to share Homa Therapy with other people either in my space or when I go to visit other people. I also participate in the Tryambakam Homa group on new and full moons.

In the past there were times when my practice was not constant. Since last year, for the reasons of public knowledge, I intensified the practice as a way of deeper connection with the Totality, with the Infinite Wisdom and in support of the Divine Light. Humanity and the Planet need all these positive actions of us, the common people.
    I am using Agnihotra ash for enhancing the production of healthy food. So, I am developing some comparative experiments. I had read in the Homa Newsletters about other people’s experiences in other places and wanted to see for myself such wonderful results. This comparison made me see the wonders with my own eyes and I can show it to other people. I wish it will inspire others to practice.
Then, by transferring those seeds to the ground, after a few days, the development of the plants was obviously greater. I only watered them with Agnihotra ash water and let them rest for 3 days in order to charge. Also, I did the experiment with bean seeds and the result was remarkable.
Now, I am watering everything with Agnihotra ash water!!!!!
I will continue now much more after seeing these strong results, visible to anyone.

Photo above:
Seeds to the left, without Homa
Seeds on the right, with Homa
Photo to the right:
Sprouting shoots on the left, without Homa
Sprouting shoots on the right, with Homa

   I have started here a small Retreat Center in the midst of Nature, called Four Elements, where we practice Rebirthing, Harmonization with the Four Elements, Food Consciousness, and Extra Ocular Vision.
I am also building an edible forest with Permaculture guidelines. I regularly organize Permaculture, Conscious Eating, Rebirthing, and I always mention Homa Therapy and practice it with the groups. People remark how pleasant the Fire experience is. Also, I have held some meetings to disseminate Homa Therapy.

(Photo above enjoying group Agnihotra.)

         I use the Homa fires in my rebirthing sessions. People who take the sessions like it and feel better. Rebirthing uses mindful, connected breathing. Doing this in a smoky environment is usually unhealthy – unless that smoke comes from Homa Therapy. What they tell me is that if they came with sadness or depression, after the session they no longer feel it. Even people with asthma feel much better in the smoke from the Homa healing fires.
10 years ago, when I started the practice of Agnihotra, I gave Agnihotra ash to my friend Sandra. I told her about my experiments, she reminded me of what had happened to her trees. I had already forgotten. She still has it on her mind and in her garden and I asked her to share this story with us:

Sandra Hejman from Buenos Aires shares:
 I gave Agnihotra ash to one of the two plants when they started to grow. The one with the Agnihotra ash, immediately formed a stem much stronger and bigger.
And that difference continues till today.
The other one, which did not get the Agnihotra ash, even after so many years, never became as strong as the one with Agnihotra ash. I can compare them well, because they were both from the same time.
The one with Agnihotra ash has this big trunk that it had from the beginning and the other one without Agnihotra ash, after all these years, never reached that size. I only gave once the Agnihotra ash in the beginning to the plant.
After 10 years, this difference remains, even though I never again put Agnihotra ash.
The tree plant that received the Agnihotra ash, reached this size in a very short time, while the other, that did not receive the Agnihotra ash, took years in growing.

The tree that did NOT receive the Agnihotra ash is for comparison.

This is the tree, which received ONCE  Agnihotra ash at the time it was a small plant.

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