Tapovan Homa Rooftop Garden

Tapovan, Maharashtra, India
Our Homa Gardens
(In Tapovan there is the temple of the Mahasamadhi of Master Shree Vasant and it is the place where for the last 20 years continuous Tryambakam Homa is being done.)

         Aaron Kidd, originally from Australia, who lives in Tapovan, began the roof-top garden in 2019 and it has expanded and flourished over the years, to include a variety of fruit trees, along with a variety of vegetables and herbs. Every square metre of space is utilised.
Last year Aaron decided to expand the rooftop garden by developing a new garden at ground level behind the bungalow where we stay. The second garden is now providing abundant greens for daily juices, salads, and fresh vegetables for steaming.

Photos of the gardens in Tapovan: the bungalow covered and surrounded by gardens; nutritious, healthy and abundant crops, blessed with the Homa atmosphere.

      Whenever fresh produce is needed, for example if visitors arrive unexpectedly, one of the staff can quickly go up the stairs and harvest fresh herbs for a refreshing herbal tea to offer to our guests.
  Now also, there is more choice from the handy ground level food garden behind the main bungalow. It takes just a few minutes, to cut some herbs, for a quick pot of organic herbal tea, or a quick salad lunch.

Photos of the Homa gardens in Tapovan, mentioning just some of the varieties:
Tomatoes (2 varieties), cucumber, squash, sweet potato, arugula, parsley, lettuce, spinach, bitter gourd, radish, beans (3 varieties), eggplant, kale, other leafy vegetables and herbs, chili peppers (3 varieties), turmeric, ginger, basil.
Papaya, mango, tangerine, orange, lime, fig, custard apple, currant, pomegranate, sapote, pineapple, banana, guava, passion fruit, grapes.

Another very helpful benefit to our daily lives is the coolness which these gardens have offered to us, especially during the very hot Indian summers when temperatures can soar up to nearly 50 degrees.
Love from Bruce, Anne and Aaron

Photos of the Homa gardens in Tapovan in their lush, luxurious form … The earth gives us everything if we treat her with respect and nurture her with the healing fires of Homa Therapy.

3 Replies to “Tapovan Homa Rooftop Garden”

  1. Hello Aaron, Anne & Bruce, Your gardens are INSPIRATIONAL –
    and we are trying to do something similar here in Malaysia, in a small town,
    Tampin-Negri Sembilan.

    We met when Nazli and I attended the Somayag – so many years ago.
    We also met Suwindi Kadir. Sending you our LOVE …Namaste, Betty

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