‘Planeta Homa’ Project

Dora Betancur
Armenia, Quindío,
Colombia, South America

          The ‘PLANETA HOMA’ S.A.S. project, born in 1999 as  ‘BOTICA DE LA ABUELA’, arose in response to the earth quake that seriously affected the coffee region of Quindio. Later in 2014, it became BOTICASOL up till today.

Photo: Dora Betancur

       Since 2018, it has been decided to project Boticasol also to farming, with the aim of creating, designing and strengthening a privileged place such as ‘LA HERENCIA HOTEL CASAS DE HUÉSPEDES’, preserving and caring for the environment through HOMA Biotechnology – Millennial Science of Ayurveda, which balances, restores and harmonizes the human being and nature. The hotel welcomes locals and visitors from all over the world.

       Successful experiences in various parts of the world guarantee that applied Homa Farming Techniques help stabilize and balance ecosystems in agriculture, even in arid lands and with unfavorable soil, climate and / or altitude conditions.
       HOMA BIOTECHNOLOGY is the main asset in agricultural work that characterizes this place.

The ecological garden was born as a proposal to supply the needs of the hotel and of the Boticasol store, among others. Our cultivation techniques are fundamentally based on Homa Biotechnology, ecological principles and respect for mother earth and life, allowing an optimization of resources, not needing large infrastructures, nor high costs. But monitoring, control, disclosure and verification of traceability over time is required.

(Photo above:
harvests from the Homa organic garden;
Photos right:
8-year-old Valentina with her friends; for her an organic garden is like "a natural supermarket".)

"A HOMA organic garden is the place where security, sovereignty and food autonomy are obtained at a personal, regional and national level."

   La Herencia Hotel Casas De Huéspedes has different activities that characterize it and make its difference in the tourism sector, including: Exploring Tours, Yoga sessions, active participation in HOMA Biotechnology, meditation sessions, functional cooking workshops, organic agriculture, etc. and environmental schools (agriculture, waste management, gardening, wild cooking), among others.
(Photos below: hotel activities.)

Photos left:
The banana constitutes a fundamental part of our culture and that is why it stands out as an inspiring product.
Self-care and healing of the plantation through the process of Homa Therapy and the application of its resulting ashes.

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