Hernan Ernesto Bottger Rengifo’s Story

Region Pasco
South America


We have been applying Homa Therapy on our farm since 3 months. We have observed the following:

  • Our farm is now much greener and there is a decrease of pests and diseases.
  • The flowers of the bitter “Pacay” bean are more in number, bigger and with abundant flowering, early in time.
  • We do not have any fungal disease in our potatoes.
  • The pumpkins are greener than usual, have a good size and don’t have frost damage. These pumpkins usually do not grow without fumigation. The product is superior to that of other farms, which have better soils.
  • The moisture stays better in the soil and the soil is more friable. Now the soil does not harden any more with the rains.
  • Two cows that had “blood in the urine” have been healed with Agnihotra ash.
  • The cows no longer have ticks.

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