Marco Ramirez’ Story

Sector Santa Rosa
Huapalas, Chulucanas
Piura, Peru
South America


“We are standing in front of a lemon tree that is treated with Agnihotra ash. This plant has been practically dead, but is now in recovery, it started sprouting again.”

“On my 3.5ha farm I had the Quick Decline virus and other diseases. But, thanks God, with the application of the Agnihotra ash and the practice of Homa Therapy, which is done every day at sunrise and sunset, the crop is changing, we see this specially with the bananas, but also in the beans and lemons.”

“We have been doing for 3 months the Agnihotra practice and we see many changes in the crops. With the beans I am experiencing a 20 to 30 % greater yield than in the previous years.”

“Here is a banana bunch, which is very well developed. Previously the banana plants were yellowish and right now they are very strong. In the banana plants you can see bunches that measure nearly two meters, something I have not had before.”

“With respect to the lemon crop we observed that inside the 40 hectares which are treated by one Homa resonance point, only a few lemon remain with spots form the Red Citrus Mite plague. Outside the 40 hectares they have a bigger quantity infected with Red Mite. Also a good fruit development has been noticed.”

“Previously I observed in the papaya cultivation that the plants developed very little, but now I see that they have recovered and are giving production.”

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