Hernan Posas’ Story

Homa Farm: Fountain of Joy
Vinces, Ecuador
South America


“I am an agronomical engineer working for the Department of Agriculture, in the Ecuadorian government. I am also General Manager of this farm. I have monitored the progress on this Homa Farm since 2007. These are my most recent observations.”

“Homa Farming has been applied in the banana plantation, Fountain of Joy (officially still called “Sorrows”) since 2007. It has 2 Homa Resonance Points installed with the respective cabins for the practice of Agnihotra and Om Tryambakam Homa.”

(photo from left: Hernan Posas, Andres Arango (in charge of Homa Therapy on the plantation) and Prof. Abel Hernandez in one of the Homa Resonance pillars surrounding the farm)

“Some of the main effects are:

  • Plants with greater vitality (they have more energy).
  • They absorb more nutrients from the air and soil through their leaves and root system.
  • The immunity of the plantation has increased, allowing us to reduce the Black Sigatoka fumigation from 12/13 cycles to 6/7 cycles per year.
  • Applications of organic or chemical substances to control insects, such as banana moth, have been eliminated.
  • We have been able to maintain the plantation free of applications of nematocides.”

“In terms of production our farm became the number one in our region in the year 2008 with 3530 (three thousand five hundred thirty) boxes of bananas per hectare. And then in spite of the difficult rains in 2009, we achieved a production of 3349 (three thousand three hundred forty-nine) boxes per hectare.”

“In other areas, the benefits include:

  • Improvement of the interpersonal relationship among workers and a better work environment.
  • Crime has been eliminated on the plantation and in its surroundings.
  • The plantation has been kept free from damage normally caused by the flooding of the river Vinces.
  • The workers are more aware and take better care of the tools and work materials.
  • There is a positive effect on the neighbors who come into the healing Om Tryambakam hut seeking improvement in their health.”

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