I Have Fallen in Love with my Compost Pile

Cathleen Gantt
Indian Head, Maryland, USA

     Cathleen is a 76-year ever-young, energetic, never-tired lovely lady, who is practicing Agnihotra since over 40 years. Since her teenage years she has been interested in herbs and healing. Among numerous other things, she also did radio talks on mental illness and suicide, where she could show, that many times with just simple vitamins, minerals and a portion of mixed veggies daily, in their raw state, we can heal ourselves.

     Cathleen shares about her composting experience:

I am a passionate gardener and I mostly grow a variety of herbs, arugula, kale, mustard, beets, turnips, rutabaga, radishes, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, field cress, grasses, pea shoots, different bean shoots, tomatoes, etc.

But if there is such a thing: I have just fallen in love with my compost pile.
I never did well with composting in those expensive bins. So, I started composting right in my garden plot. I collected leaves and yard clippings, fresh cow dung, worm castings and picked up all the earthworms I found and carried them to the compost pile; also, food waste, shredded news-paper, all kitchen food scraps, and not to forget the tea bags;  also, I collected some soil & rotten wood from the forest.

Of course, I always add Agnihotra ash mixed with water to catalyze the decomposition process. Then I turn it over. And with each time I add more new ingredients I turn & mix it all.
While working with the compost pile, I repeat mantras and sing. This has become a source of much enjoyment for me. (This experience is not comparable to having the compost in containers.) I feel that by turning with my own hands, chanting sacred mantras and singing, just enjoying myself – my work turns into love.
And this adds to the positive vibrations of all other ingredients, which in turn is transferred to the plants that are receiving this Homa compost.
I practice Agnihotra daily at sunrise and sunset close to the garden and the garden and compost receive every few days some of my Agnihotra ash.
Some things to consider if you do your own compost:
– do not add citrus fruits in the compost pile, the worms do not like them.
– use only mature compost for the plants. Compost that is not mature will be competing with the plants for the oxygen and nitrogen.
Love, Cathleen

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