HOMA Harvest at ‘La Herencia’ Guest House, Armenia, Colombia

Dora Betancur
Armenia, Quindío, Colombia, South America

    Our crops grow in abundance in the gardens of the Guest House "La Herencia", on the outskirts of the city of Armenian, where Homa agricultural technology is applied partly. Some of the people working on this property learned and practice Agnihotra and Tryambakam Homa.
Everything here is HOMA harvest, grown with Homa fires and Agnihotra ash (see photos).
Everything is healthy, delicious, abundant and beautiful product of mother nature!

   We have lemons, bananas, mangosten, grapefruit, anones, mamoncillos, currants, lychees, chachafruits, cocoa, sapotes, coconuts, coconuts, various types of squash, varieties of culinary herbs, aromatic and medicinal, in short, everything needed to eat well during this time of quarantine. These harvests are vitalized through the Homa fires and the application of Agnihotra ash!

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