Luis Jorge Calle Ortega’s Story

San Lorenzo
Piura, Peru
South America


“We are doing the Homa Therapy on our 13 ha farm since one and a half months and we can already notice an unusual growth of the mango and lemon trees. The plants are developing with more vigor, the leaves are brilliant, the growth is definitely improving.”

“With respect to the insect attacks on a twenty year-old lemon tree, this tree now is rejuvenating. It had die back, had maggot infestation, was also attacked by “filonistis” and the branches were partially dead. Now we can see the beginning of changes.”

“The lemon trees are becoming green again in areas where we had the idea of cutting them in order to make way for a new plantation. We see that with the Homa Therapy technique everything is definitively changing for the best.”

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