My Experience with Homa Farming in Turkey

Mrs. Nilgün Yapicigolu
Seferihisar, Turkey, Europe

      I was born into a Muslim family and I live in Turkey. I used to be a civil servant, but now I am retired and for the last five years I have been a farmer, applying HOMA Therapy.

I first heard about Agnihotra in 1992, but I have been practicing it since 1999, when I met Reiner and Manuela Szcypior in Seferihisar. As I learned more about Homa Therapy, I really wanted to work with it and experience it personally. Homa Therapy is a very ancient knowledge regarding the harmonizing energies of the Homa fire.
Today nature is highly polluted on many levels. The Earth, air, water and many more beings suffer from this pollution.
     By doing Agnihotra and other Homas (which are so easy to learn) on a regular basis, I have experienced how nature cleanses and heals itself.
In Turkey, growing fruit (citrus fruits, stone fruits, walnuts and almonds), as well as olive trees, are a very important source of income. Most of the farmers in Turkey use conventional agricultural methods with chemicals. However, there are an increasing number of diseases and so-called pests and fungal infections. That goes so far, that many trees have died and the soil is getting weaker and weaker.
     With the Homa Therapy method, I wanted to show that there is another way where one can work together with nature and deal with these problems together with her. I bought some land (half a hectare), with some olive trees. Then, more olives, mandarins and other fruit trees were planted. We also installed a Homa Resonance Point on my farm where Agnihotra was performed regularly.
      I had transplanted a small tree and I noticed that there were many earthworms in the soil. In commercial agriculture, where pesticides and other chemicals and synthetics are used, there are almost no earthworms left … but they are so important. Earthworms bring oxygen to the earth through the tunnels they dig and their castings are a wonderful fertilizer! An old agriculture professor once told me that the number of earthworms shows how good the soil is.
     Agnihotra and Homa ashes did exactly that. Nature was healed again. And after five years, all biological balance was restored. Of course, lice or some beetles arrive sometimes, but at the same time, some beneficial insects seem to protect the entire system. And the weird thing was, these protective beneficial insects could only be found on my land, not the surrounding farms!
     From time to time, I made a ghee paste with Agnihotra ash and applied it to the tree trunks and I irrigated the trees regularly with Agnihotra ash water. (I myself regularly ingest Agnihotra ash and also give it to neighbors and friends.)
    But basically, there came a time when I hardly had to do anything, because Agnihotra, its healing smoke and Homa ashes work for me. Trees are healthy and happy and full of life.

 The two-year-old mandarin trees were the size of adult trees and had up to 58 fruits when harvested, which is very good for such young trees.
    Neighbors were amazed at the fact that the branches of their olive trees that were hanging over the fence in my garden were full of olives, but there were hardly any olives on their side!  That was really interesting!
Homa Therapy is magical, it is like a miracle. It is a blessing.
   On my farm, one can feel a strong magnetic field. Once there was a very cold winter with a lot of rain and hail, even snow, which is very rare here. Many plantations were badly damaged, only my Homa farm was saved …
   Those are moments of fascination and happiness, when one realizes that one is so protected by Homa Therapy. 
(Photos: Ms. Nilgün and her farm in Turkey)

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