Homa Organic Farming – Holistic Agriculture

Conventional agriculture is usually spoken of as the agriculture of synthetic agrochemicals, that is, the agriculture of pesticides that make man and the environment sick (i.e. Mother Earth). Fortunately, people are waking up and looking for healthier foods. There is also talk of “modern” agriculture, when in addition to pesticides, herbicides, nematicides, fungicides, and other … “cides”, “genetically improved seeds” are also used. These are called transgenic.

But people are already realizing that these transgenic foods can cause harm, not only to human health but also to the health of all beings: plants, animals, ecosystems, etc. It is necessary to return to a Traditional, Natural and Friendly Agriculture. It is time to promote Family and Community Agriculture to ensure Food Sovereignty since the price of food has increased in many parts of the world.

Agricultural products with commercial agriculture are susceptible to price control by a few people infected with the virus of greed and power. Unfortunately there have been associations, cooperatives or communities that have also been infected with this scourge or virus of greed and control.

What to do?

We can broaden the concept of agriculture to include the cultivation of noble, pure and beneficial subtle seeds in the Mind-Heart terrain of the peasant.

That is to say, start the change from ¨House to House Agriculture¨, where the word ‘House’ refers to the ‘mind-heart’ of each one of us. That is, the cultivation of seeds of loving virtues in our mind and heart. That would be the first step since you can start in the pure Mind and Heart to take action and to get Good Healthy Harvests.

Let us remember that hardworking, sober, honest and truthful people do not like to hang out with lazy, drunk and lying people. But what to do when the evidence shows that this disease of greed, vices and corruption has spread not only in politics and capitalist corporations, but has also infected simple people in the countryside?

A possible solution
First step:
Have a Minister of Agriculture and a group of promoters of organic, sustainable, fair, natural and friendly agriculture.
Second step:
Provide the farmer with reasonable credits, land, water reservoirs, irrigation systems, inputs, knowledge and ecological technologies.
Third step:
Since the first 2 steps can be simply temporary solutions, we can also EMPOWER the Peasants with Ancient Bioenergetic Super Technology – Homa Therapy.
This will help:
– to reestablish order and balance in ecosystems,
– to heal crops and animals from pests and diseases,
– and to heal themselves from many diseases

Note: In case steps 1 and 2 are not possible for any reasons, it doesn’t matter much. We have witnessed “Miraculous” Great Achievements that have occurred with the implementation of this Homa Agro-Livestock Super Technology. Let us remember that we must support farmers because thanks to all of them, we have food.

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