Our Homa Garden, Choachí, in Cundinamarca, Colombia

Diana Molano & Endir Rozo
and their son,
Santiago Molano Rozo
Choachí, Cundinamarca, Colombia

          Bliss, amazement and infinite gratitude with the divinity overwhelms us when we collect the fruits grown organically in our garden in Homa atmosphere.
This garden was born a year ago as part of this wonderful adventure of following the teachings of Master Shree Vasant to create and live in a space where Homa farming is practiced.

        Despite having little agricultural experiences, we did learn a lot and were able to enjoy the intense and delicious flavors of our harvest of spinach, lettuce, chard, peas, beans and cherry tomatoes as well as some potatoes, carrots and corn. We have also planted quinoa, amaranth, chia, some wheat, barley, linseed, etc. We recently also incorporated bees.

Photos: In our Trinity Spiral we have arranged a space for flowers, food for bees and hummingbirds and on the other two sides of the spiral we did plant aromatic and medicinal plants such as borage, calendula, spearmint, fennel, citronella, etc.
Photo: Diana and Endir in their daily Agnihotra practice at sunrise and sunset.
The first harvests invoked such a great joy and amazement for the kindness of Mother Earth who responds to the Homa Fires and the love towards her guardians.

In this first stage, we have been able to verify how our nutrition and health has improved by consuming our food grown in Homa atmosphere and with the use of the ashes of the Homa fires.
We have been able to obtain our own seeds, which will be sown in the next cycle, in which our soil is enriched by the diversity of microorganisms that proliferate when fertilizing with Homa ashes.

    For us, as practitioners of Homa bioenergetic fires, to have the privilege of living on a farm of 2.6 hectares, located 40 minutes from the capital of Colombia, Bogotá, in the municipality of Choachí, in these challenging times it is a Blessing. This has come as a esult of our daily practice of Homa Therapy in the last 10 years, but above all effort, it has come by Divine Grace. Looking back the path we have traveled, it is evident how Homa Therapy has changed our lives for our own good and of those around us. And we keep walking the path …

This year has been full of many teachings that we will share,
because the earth as well as the fire is a Master of
. It has taught us that sowing is only the
first step and if you want to obtain fruits you need to get much
more involved and do the work.

Our purpose is to make our Homa House an ark of abundance, a safe refuge for life and. It is a community of service working around the Homa fires which flourishes by Divine Will and continues to care for Mother Earth.

     These first harvests are the beginning, as well as the receptivity of some neighbors in the practice of Homa Therapy and the use of Agnihotra ash. We are sure that the Homa House will be activated as a Homa farm and its blessings will expand. Through this means, we want to share this process with you, beloved Agnihotris, this is your home. Here you are welcome, in this Center of Light. And like all other Homa farms, it requires the world Homa community united in love and service.
(Photos of the Homa garden in Choachi: the work with the land, the harvests of joy and the radiant beauty of the plants.)

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