Experiences in our Homa Garden, Malaga, Spain

America Camacho & Josue Gómez
Malaga, Spain, Europe

    We arrived at this apartment in June 2014, which has a 7 × 2.30-meter outdoor patio, and that is where we now have our mini Homa garden. We sow and plant everything only in pots.
We have been practicing Agnihotra for approximately 22 years and we learned about these healing Homa Therapy through the instructors Abel and Aleta. We do share the Homa fires with people who come to our home.

In this same courtyard, I always perform AGNIHOTRA and Tryambakam Homa when I am not working. In addition, we practice Tryambakam Homa for several hours on the new and full moons and on other special days, energetically and astrologically speaking.
In 2019, my husband, Josue, built planters or beds of recycled wooden pallets, which are waterproof on the inside. So, I could sow whatever I wanted. That year 2019, although we were purely experimenting, we had a good harvest of large and small cherry tomatoes, mirasol chili peppers from Peru, grapes, potatoes (to prepare papa Huancaína), leeks, celery, aubergines, fried pepper (the typical Miguelin de Málaga), basil and bell peppers.
This year, 2020, we planted tomatoes, peppers, basil, zucchini, etc. The pumpkins came out spontaneously from the compost
we prepare and with the soil, Agnihotra ash and cow dung powder. Also, this year we bought Californian red worms for vermiculture to obtain "liquid worm castings", an excellent nutrient for plants. The worms also receive the Agnihotra ash. We practically use Agnihotra ash for everything, we think is very useful in our mini Homa garden. We water the plants with this solution.

 Although the gardens within the cities are more beleaguered by pests, we generally do not need to use anything else. And of course, we also consume the healing Agnihotra ash regularly.
Photo above: América and Josué share their love for Homa Therapy in the last 22 years. Photos below: The patio of approx. 15 square meters is filled with plants in pots, which provide superior quality of organic Homa vegetables.

Photos this page of the Homa garden in pots in the city Malaga;
provides an abundant, healthy, nutritious and rich harvest with veggies sparkling with pranic energy.

The harvest of this year 2020 has been spectacular and abundant. We planted the seedlings 2 months before spring, which here in Malaga begins in March. The first seedlings were eaten by the snails, but we confined the snails and replaced the seedlings. The results: varied, nutritious and bountiful Homa crops.

Here the varieties of tomatoes of all colors:
zebra cherry tomato, black cherry, Andes tomato, big chef striped, yellow Russian azoyska, Cooper River, Syrian giant, JDS Special tex, bana legs, raff, cumato, etc.In total we harvested between 20 to 25 kilos of tomatoes of these varieties, some are aromatic.
This is our experience and we share it with great pleasure, because it shows that also in cities, we can take care of a large part of growing our own healthy food. Thank you.

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