Homa Farm Shreedham, Algodonales, Andalusia, Spain

 These photos of the HOMA Farm in Algodonales speak for themselves about the effects of Homa Therapy.
By applying Homa Therapy correctly, no fertilizers or applications with synthetic products are needed. One can use organic fertilizers and products such as: Homa Biosol, livestock manure, compost, etc.

The plants in a Homa Resonance Point receive the necessary nutrients through the atmosphere. Plants also receive the healing Agnihotra ash directly or via fumigation when preparing the land and when planting and seeding.

Om Tryambakam Homa ash is a fertilizer.

More photos of the bonanza in Shreedham.
Photos last row: Production of Homa cow dung cookies. From the beginning, there has been a cow in this farm, the present one is called Shanti (Paz). She provides dung for the cow dung cookies that are sent to many Agnihotris in Spain, the Canary Islands and the Balearics.

    Christa and Ricardo Mena (photo above left), promoters of Homa Therapy in Spain, welcomed us at the airport of Cadiz and took us to “Shreedham”their Homa Farm in Algodonales, in a one hour ride.

What a wonderful gift to be in this beautiful place, in Homa atmosphere and with good company, including Shanti!
The keeper of the Homa Fires on Shreedham is at this time Carlos Gonzales (photo above right).

Also Agnihotri Frank Lüsman had arrived from Germany
(photo above left in red shirt with Abel and Carlos behind)
It was a joy to meet, after a long time, the lovely couple Daniel Pailla and Fina Ortega, both Agnihotris from Malaga, Fuengirola  (photo above center), who stayed for a weekend. Shanti (meaning Peace in Sanskrit; photo above right) is also an integral part of the family and we are all grateful for this loving and curious cow, which produces the dung for best quality Homa cookies.

Staying at Shreedham, was just what our soul, mind and body required. Silence, many Fires, Mantras and meditation, reading, walking, self-study, meaningful conversations about the most precious things in a lifetime…
(Photos above: Abel enjoying Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset in this temple of Silence.)

      There were exquisite vegetables of all kinds, herbs and fruits from the Homa gardens available to enlighten the taste buds every day anew.

(Photos below: main house, Tryambakam hut, garden, grapes.)

 Time flew by fast, however, we enjoyed every moment with gratitude.

Photos: Each time, after visiting Shreedham, there is the great blessing of having organic Homa products filling the refrigerator, kitchen and storage space with life, beauty and energy. These products contain not only the nutrients necessary for a healthy body and mind, but also provide Prana, the life force that pulsates through us and connects us with the cosmos.

Christa and Ricardo Mena, after having met Master Shree Vasant and Homa Therapy in May 1990, bought in November of the same year a plot of about 7 hectares in order to establish a Homa Farm, according to the teachings and instructions of Master Shree Vasant.

He visited the farm on seven different occasions and in one of these visits, He installed the Homa Resonance Point.
For 28 years, Christa and Ricardo have kept the HOMA FARM SHREEDHAM, strictly following the rules of Ahimsa in food (no animal products or derivatives); no alcohol, no drugs of any kind, no verbal or physical violence, etc.

This Homa farm has welcomed and continues to welcome many people from different countries and continents. They have had the opportunity to practice the Homa Agricultural Therapy (Agnihotra, 5 hours minimum of daily Tryambakam Homa, 24 hours on full and new moon days, other Fires and Mantras and agricultural field applications.). The dedication of these people contributes to the flowering, feedback of Nature, the peace and energy of the place.
During all these years and due to its high and harmonious energy, many meetings, workshops and various activities have been held at the farm, such as retreats, workshops and courses of:
-Yoga, Reiki, Shiatsu, etc.,
– Organic farming Homa, permaculture, orchards Jean Pain, etc.,
– Vegetarian Ayurvedic cooking, preparation of seitan, tofu, ecological and integral breads, elaboration and conservation of horticultural products, etc.

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  1. Buenas tardes Chrysta y Ricardo.
    El domingo los vi un momentico en el Congreso Latinoamericano de Homa Therapy.
    Haceunos veintipico de anos, cuando viviamos en Virginia, mi esposo, mi hijo menor y yo estuvimos en la propiedad de Algodonales. Pasamos unos dias inolvidables y su nombre siempre resuena en nuestros corazones con carino y gratitud.
    Despues de haberlos escuchado el fin de semana pense, cuando pase lo de la pandemia, seria fabuloso poder ir otra vez a visitarlos y llevar a mi hermana conmigo.

    Ver todas las fotos de la propiedad llenan el alma. Donde vivimos ahora, en Belmopan, Belize no se ven vegetales como esos. Aunque hago Agnihotra desde hace anos, no he encontrado en mi camino a alguien con quien hacer los fuegos dia a dia. Este ano tuve la alegria de ensenarle a mi hermana quien hace ahora agnihotra todos los dias!!!! Gracias por estar en el camino, gracias por compartir con otros lo que hacen con Amor. Bendiciones, Paatricia

  2. Hola, nos gustaría contactar con ellos pero no los encuentro en internet. ¿Nos podrían facilitar el contacto o algún contacto en España? Gracias.

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