Homa Biosphere Gives Protection Against Forest Fires, Ojen, Spain

Eng. Francisco Lorente, Ojén, Málaga
In 2010 I came to know Homa Therapy through América Camacho and her husband Josué Gómez, in an event organized by them to share this ancient wisdom of the Vedas. Thus, I began to practice Agnihotra Homa. I am the owner of a 7,100 m2 plot with 280 ecologically treated Mediterranean and subtropical fruit trees. As a result of feeling the benefit of this Homa Therapy, I began to practice it on my plot with friends many times for several years (photo nº 1 below left). We practice these three different Yagnyas: Agnihotra, Vyahruti Homa, and Tryambakam Homa. In addition, I prepare Homa compost and irrigate with Agnihotra ash water.

     In August 2012, a devastating fire broke out. It burned 8,000 hectares of forest and scrubland (photo nº2 above right and below right). My plot at that time was not cleared of adventitious plants, so there was a large amount of dry plant matter (see photo nº 3). Three days after the terrible fire, to my surprise, from a distance I could see that there was my green island within so much devastation. My plot had been bordered by fire, but only some perimeter plants were partially burned.
 Even the white fiberglass deposits were left intact (as can be seen in photo nº3 below left), despite the fact that everything around them was burned.

I immediately sensed that the Homa fires had contributed to this miracle. I had always been certain of this, and just recently I read the confirmation in the Homa Health Newsletter, that the same thing had happened in the devastating fires of 2019 and 2020 in Australia, where various plots in which Homa Therapy had been practiced, their gardens, houses and animals had been saved.

 In photograph nº4 (left) it can be seen that the intensity of the fire only reached the perimeter of the cultivated plot. It partially burned some trees indirectly, while the abundantly present weeds remained intact.
As incredible as it may seem, the fire did not touch the abundant weed inside the plot but it burned the whole exterior around my plot.

       I also want to mention that I had a vision during a work of Connection with the Divine Being, that we all are, I received the information that the fruits that I would obtain from my plot, from our brother trees would be something more than fruits, they would be "LIGHT that AWAKENS CONSCIOUSNESS".
As my friend América says: "With Homa Therapy everything is possible".

On the farm of Eng. Francisco, often, many hours of Tryambakam Homa, are practiced, especially on full and new moon days. And the variety of fruits from the farm are shared. These fruits are blessed by the fires of Homa Therapy.

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