Sofia Guerrero de Batioja | Experiences in my Homa Garden, Chaflú, Ecuador

Sofia Guerrero de Batioja
Chaflú, Esmeraldas
Ecuador, South America

   The sour sop (guanabana) tree is very old. When we acquired this piece of land 8 years ago, the tree no longer bore fruit and had deep holes in the trunk and also in its roots. The gardeners always suggested that I knock it down because it had already completed its cycle and would never bear fruit again.

    When I learned about Homa Therapy 5 years ago, I got a Homa Resonance Point and started doing the discipline of several Fires daily. Then I began to fill the holes of the tree with Agnihotra ash. And, oh surprise! the tree was cured and the holes no longer exist and it also began to bear healthy and delicious fruits. Its aroma fills the garden with fragrance. (Photos 1 and 2 below)
    In my garden I planted and I keep planting selected medicinal plants such as chamomile, rue, llanten, mint, Mentha spicata, rosemary, aloe, lemon balm, ginger, turmeric, etc.
Also, we have fruit trees such as: avocado, orange, lemon, cocoa, pomegranate, guava, papaya, sugar cane, sapote, caimito, passion fruit, bacao, jackfruit, cinnamon, banana, etc.
    The 10 coconut plants in my Homa garden are healthy and bear abundant fruits (photos 3 below), while in the entire area, they suffer from a plague of a worm and no longer bear fruits. One of the neighbors has 100 coconut palms and all are affected by this worm and he has no harvest at all.
In the garden, I also have watermelon, tomato, pepper and cucumber among other veggies. Here, in our Homa garden, everything is wonderful.
Photos first row: Agnihotra Hut; Mrs. Sofia inside hut doing her large and powerful healing Agnihotra fire.

The wonderful Homa Garden of only 100 square meters in the town Chaflú, in the Department of Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

First photo below: The still small cimarrón tree has no leaves, but it is full of fruits.

Now, I also feel that it is my responsibility to share Homa Therapy with the people who come here to work or to visit. So, they know, learn and correctly do these sacred fires, which bring life back to nature and help us so much on a daily basis.
I want to keep this bit of land as a little taste of paradise.

Photos left: Mrs. Sofia loves doing Tryambakam Homa under a tree and her little grandson, Eric, who loves the Homa Fires and is learning the Mantras.

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