My Homa Experience in the Garden, Cerro Azul, Panama

Maria Alexandra Brito
Cerro Azul, Panama, Central America

     In 2014, we were fortunate to arrive at Altos de Cerro Azul in Panama, coming from Venezuela. The soil in this area is extremely acidic, connected to the presence of the pine trees. Therefore, these characteristics were wonderful to prove the effectiveness of Homa Therapy.

   For cultivating, we created a layer of high ground using different materials, such as layers of various organic waste.

These were covered with a mixture of local soil, solid worm castings, organic ant waste (soil from ant hills) and ashes from the Homa Therapy fires, adding Homa Biosol to the mixture. We planted companion crops.
The place had few trees, so the hours of sunshine helped us a lot, since the earth is extremely clayey and retains a lot of liquid. In sunless conditions it is problematic due to the excessive retention of water in the earth. In Panama, it rains about 9 months a year and over Cerro Azul there is usually a cloud.

   The results of the crops were such that gardeners from the area came to see it, commenting that they had not previously seen a cornfield like ours.

Photos of the farm where Maria Alexandra lives in the company of like-minded people, having wonderful results with the practice of Homa Fires in highly acidic soil.

    Currently we live in a house in the middle of the forest and due to the vegetation of the place, the hours with sunshine are very few, about 2 to 3 per day. The land retains a lot of water, so it has been easier for us to plant trees, we are focused on fruit trees, and we collect the seeds left by the animals in order to provide them with food in the future and compensate for current deforestation. At the same time, the change in the quality of the soil in our land has been surprising thanks to the Homa fires, the use of the Homa Biosol and the Homa ashes.
 Part of our current activity is the rehabilitation of wild animals, which arrive by themselves, many just in time for Agnihotra.

   I have been practicing the Homa Therapy fires since the mid-90s. I was fortunate to have had several experiences in plagued farms and in reforestation projects. Previously, I lived in an apartment and a number of trees growing there. They could be transplanted into green areas. At present we continue to focus on the creation of a Homa Resonance Point, that is, a Homa farm.

Photos of the farm in Altos de Cerro Azul, Panama, where a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, etc. are grown, using the Homa Therapy Fires, Agnihotra ash and Homa Biosol in order to receive the healthy and abundant harvests.

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