HOMA Farm Tenjo, Colombia

Julian Acosta reports from the HOMA Farm Tenjo, Cundinamarca,
Colombia, South America

    At the Tenjo Homa Farm, we perform daily Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset, 4 hours of Om Tryambakam Homa which we increase to 12 hours at each change of the moon phase. We live in a community with 7 families. We have created several organic gardens where we grow our food. We use humus from the earthworm beds.

It is wonderful to have our own garden with healthy food, full of vital energy, especially for our children. The work in the garden is for us like a therapy where we can grow internally with the plants that we sow. We take care and harvest it with love.
Photos below: Sowing day with all the children of the farm, accompanied by Yolanda; the garden bearing its Homa fruits in abundance and in a large variety;
Last row photo: taking turns during the Tryambakam Homa: Carolina, Diana, the owner – María Teresa, Julian, Martin and Gina;

During the quarantine period, we performed 12 hours a day for an extended period. Each member of the community takes turns chanting Om Tryambakam Homa.
Here, at the Tenjo Homa Farm, we live in harmony, peace and safely, contributing to the healing of our atmosphere and loving and praising the Divine in the fullness of His creation.
Photos below: Delicious vegetables from our own garden, full of prana or life force;
Community and recreational activities; Julian’s children: Lucas and Francko, performing sunrise Agnihotra.

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