Our Garden in the Homa Centre, Zenaida, Playas de Vinces, Ecuador

Med. Tech. Luis Carriel Mendoza and
Sara Bustamante Muñoz
Homa Center Zenaida
Playas de Vinces – Ecuador

 Dear Agnihotra friends,
 I am writing to share our farming experiences at the Homa Center Zenaida, where we have installed a Homa Garden.

We have seen wonderful effects in our crops of tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, onions, papaya, cassava, greens, soybeans and a variety of other vegetables. This garden serves to supply us with food and at the same time, in a very objective, practical and effective way. It helps us to spread the Homa farming knowledge to people who visit us, such as farmers, housewives, other people interested and students from the University of Guayaquil, who are doing their internship with us. We are sharing our experiences and knowledge about Homa organic farming and Homa Therapy applied to human health.<     This is done by demonstrating the benefits of Homa Therapy and it shows that it is possible to grow our own food without using chemicals and at the same time heal the atmosphere which heals us in return. This is the basic principle of Agnihotra.
      We are all involved in this farming process. My wife Sara, my children Viviana, José Luis, Katherine, myself and friends  have seen and experienced personally the cure of their health problems with this healing techniques. They have collaborated to keep this center in operation for 5 years. We thank them for their gesture of kindness.
We give thanks to Homa Therapy that gives life to our people and that establishes harmony in Nature,  between us and within us!

     We have seen that when we apply Agnihotra ash by itself or also diluted with water alternately:
      the pests disappear, the plants have a stronger, more robust stem, larger leaves, very beautiful flowers, large fruits, great flavor, and excellent texture.
    However, the most important aspect is they are full of energy, love, health, and they are clean
(without chemicals).
    I invite you to experiment yourselves and later share your own findings and benefits of this ancient Healing Technique.
    On our farm, we also prepare dried cow dung cakes or so called Homa cookies, which are being sent out all over Ecuador. So, we contribute with our grain of sand to keep the Homa Fires lit in our beloved country.

      Our greetings and blessings to all of you.
Photos: Mrs. Sara doing Tryambakam Homa in the tomato field, surrounded by orbs – preparing Homa cookies – soy field – ready to harvest soy beans – tomato flower. Everything grows strong and healthy without any chemicals, only with Homa treatment.

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